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Episode 5: Birthday Parties

0:00:11 - Allison
Hey guys, I'm Allison and I'm sending her mom, and this is the Kintsugi Conversations podcast. Today we are going to talk about something that we really didn't plan to discuss, because life doesn't go as planned, as you can see.

I didn't even know we were going to discuss whatever this secret topic is, and it's not even like top secret like that, but it's just something that I was thinking about in the car on the way over here and so I was like let's just talk about it for a podcast episode, because I was going to talk to my mom about it anyway.

0:00:41 - Cyndi
So interesting. Welcome up guys Right.

0:00:45 - Allison
As you know, mom, harper's birthday is approaching in gosh, what four weeks, something like that. Yeah, and four weeks she will be four years old. And over the weekend, you know, my sister and my godmom were keeping the kids while DJ and I were out of town, and the night before we last, you know, we were all just up late talking and of course it came up, as it always says oh, what are we doing for Harper's birthday? Okay, and you know, mom, I have been pretty adamant since what gosh like February or March, that we are not going to party?

Yes, However, they have basically guilted me into doing a party. So, before I even get into, like what they had to say and what my reasoning was for not doing the party, what do you think? Um?

0:01:37 - Cyndi
you know I'm torn. Harper loves to be the center of attention. She loves the party. She will. She has no problem hijacking anybody else's birthday or whatever, making it her own and making the celebration about her. So you know where she gets to be about. You know, I guess maybe from, like you know, 10 and then to that 16 part. Well, 10 to 13 and then 13 to 16. You know the whole. I think I get a party thing. We're probably weighing out a little bit. She'll probably want to. It will enjoy maybe just having an outing with friends, more so than like a party party. So, yeah, well, she's little.

0:02:15 - Allison
You know why not Okay, so, before I even get into what my sister had to say, what Nan had to say, I'm going to explain and you kind of know some of this, but I'm going to explain, like, why I was like we don't really need to have a birthday party, because there's a few different reasons, right, the first reason why I was like, okay, maybe we don't need to have a birthday party is because we've had a birthday party every other year, so she's had one for one or two and for three, and I guess I was just thinking that now maybe the time to like switch to like every other year parties. And in my mind, like five is a big deal, I don't know why, like to me, like five, it's like she's a kid, you know what I'm saying. And so I was like, oh, like we'll do a big fifth birthday but we'll skip four. The second, kind of along those lines, is that, while I am like big on celebrating you know, I'm always the main one trying to throw a party for anything. You know, celebrate everything, I'm big on parties, I'm big on celebrations. However, I also think that, like, we can celebrate through experiences, and so I was like, you know, maybe we do a party one year and then, like the next year, we just do take her somewhere fun, you know, maybe we, you know, take her to Disney for her birthday. Or maybe we do the aquarium for her birthday, you know, whatever, like we do experiences as opposed to parties every single year.

But the big thing for me that is, like, I guess, the more personal reason why I was thinking maybe we don't do a party every year is because Harper's birthday is in July. Right, she has a summer birthday, as I did, and to me, like, summer is the prime time to have, like a birthday party. Sky's the limit, pretty much, on what you can do. Yes, it is hot outside, but you get to do pool parties, you can do click outs, you get to do whatever you want, okay, jackson. However, his birthday is in February. I'm sorry, but February is not that great. I'm not saying it's not a great time for you to be born, because, like, it's always a good time to be born, but in terms of like celebrating with birthday parties, he doesn't have as many options. You know what I'm saying. His parties are pretty much always going to have to be, like at kids places or you know what I'm saying.

0:04:22 - Cyndi
Like there's no outdoor, like there's, yes, but we can turn that indoor space into an outdoor space for him. True, true.

0:04:29 - Allison
I mean I just I guess I feel like having a winter birthday Jackson doesn't have as many options. And then, on top of that, just given the fact that you know DJ plays basketball, it's fastball season and so it's going to be a while before we can all come together to celebrate Jackson's birthday. Either, you know, even if me and the kids are here, dad's going to be away, or you know, me and the kids and dad might all be abroad, and you know, of course, not everybody is going to be able to travel for Jackson's birthday to in Japan. You know he's probably only going to have one or two friends there, and I just felt like it was really unfair for Harper to get to have these like grand birthday parties every year and for Jackson to just like have a small family celebration every year.

0:05:12 - Cyndi
I get your point in that, but you have to understand. Also, though boys are a little bit different than girls. I think, okay, I don't think boys really care that much about. You know, the big birthday celebration and all this stuff. I mean, look at Jackson there. Just give him a basketball and occasionally a truck or a car, and he's fine. Harper wants the. You know there's just more options for girls and again it just goes to that whole. You know some kind of sort of Venus, mars and just the difference between males and females. So I don't really think that it's going to be. In your head it may be a big deal, but I don't think for him it is. You know, when he gets older, you know it may be, but then by that time, yeah, that's when the experience is kicking in him and his little male friends can go and do things together and create their you know, his special birth face.

0:06:04 - Allison
For him that way, yeah, I mean, and I think like it kind of all boils down to and I know that this is something that you can't 100% relate to because I was your only child, but as a mom of two, there's this like constant, I guess, pressure, for lack of a better word to try to make sure everything is equal you know what I'm saying and I guess I'm like, slowly but surely, just coming to terms with the fact that it actually won't ever be.

Harper is the girl, harper is the oldest. There are perks that come along with that. On the flip side, jackson is the boy and Jackson is the baby. There are also perks that come along with that, and I guess they're both going to get. There's going to be, I guess, highs and lows, pros and cons to both of their experiences, and they won't always, you know, be the same.

And to what you're saying. I guess they won't always want the same thing either. I just like didn't want for Jackson to look up and feel like he got like the short end of the stick while his big sister was given the world.

0:07:03 - Cyndi
I don't think he'll feel that way at all. Again, I think with boys they don't look at things that way. And you know, we can still, even though it's Harper's birthday, we can make it special for Jackson too, just like when it's Jackson's birthday we can do a little something special for Harper too. Jackson can have like a half birthday little corner at Harper's birthday and Harper can have like a little half birthday at Jackson's then, so we can incorporate both kids.

0:07:29 - Allison
And I guess that's also what I was recognizing is, even though it's Harper's birthday party, that I mean Jackson is still going to have fun. Like you know what I'm saying, because it's a kids party and, of course, I mean right now he's one, but as he gets older, like, we'll still be inviting, you know, some of his friends to come as well, so he'll have people to play with.

0:07:47 - Cyndi
That's going to be my suggestion. Just you know, invite, you know a couple of his little friends too when he gets old enough to have friends per se, and then they can do. You know, he'll have somebody to kind of tool around with, right.

0:07:59 - Allison
So okay, basically, you know this leads right into my conversation with Coco and Nana. So you know we're in the kitchen. They're like what were we doing for Harper's birthday? I'm like, oh, nothing, you know, I just did a huge welcome home party for them, so like I wasn't going to do a party. And so then they both are like huh, you know that was their exact reaction to what I said and they, they echoed a lot of the same things that you echoed. First of all, you know, they were like you know what? Like girls just care a lot more about that stuff than boys do. Second of all, they were like, you know, at least for the next two years, why not continue to give Harper a party? Because Jackson is so young that he doesn't. He won't really know the difference. They're like you know, if you feel this way when Jackson is four and Harper is like seven, then maybe you go like right now Jackson doesn't care. You know I'm saying if Harper had a birthday and he didn't have a party.

0:08:47 - Cyndi
Exactly If Jackson a balloon and a lollipop and a cupcake or something.

0:08:51 - Allison
He's good, and then you know they were just also, like you know, harper's birthday has become, you know, through our family being away for basketball season, through even like the pandemic, like Harper's party has become, like the time that like we all get together, and so I guess they were kind of making me feel like, by not having a party, like it's unfair to everyone, and not that it's about everyone, but you know that's everyone looks forward to getting together in the summer, like it's almost like, oh, there's fourth of July and there's Harper's birthday and you know everyone gets together and and celebrates that, you know.

And so that was, you know, their thing. And they also found out, which is why I wanted to talk to you about this. They were like and girl, you had a party every year. So what was your stance on birthdays and celebrations when I was growing up, and why?

0:09:45 - Cyndi
Well, for you. You know, I never really gave it that much thought. Actually, it was just your birthday, Okay, having a party. You know you had your friends at school, but also be the only kid at home. Things were a little bit different. You didn't really have playmates, and when I I mean we would always bring kids in because you always had friends that you had met at school and plus, I had moms who I was friends with who had kids that were slightly younger, or whatever then you, so you became friends with them. But you know, it was really just not even a thought of, oh, you know, party for Alison, it was just every year, okay, birthdays coming out. So what do you want to do for your birthday? What kind of you know who do you want?

0:10:24 - Allison
Having a special guest, and you know that's kind of what we did, and so I of course like remember most of this, but like, so every year, were they all the same caliber of parties, or like, did you do bigger parties for certain years, Like what was kind of the, or did you just kind of wing it?

0:10:42 - Cyndi
I think it was kind of along the same kill every year. You know we did more parties at home when you were younger. First of all we were in Millageville in Macon and there weren't that many spaces to have, you know, to have parties for kids that people do about. So we would do, you know, things at home where we would have like the, the characters and animals, whatever it was brought in to the yard and whatever, and do it that way. But then after we moved to Atlanta and you start a school here and then we, you know, found out there were other facilities and then you know country clubs and stuff that had pools and whatnot there we started to like venture out and have things in other areas. But as far as the, I want to say the, how grand it was. They were always pretty much you know the same.

0:11:36 - Allison
Okay, do you remember, like any of my birthdays I mean, I besides my 16th, which we'll get to that, but do you remember any of them? I'm going to like stick out to you as like they were my favorite or your favorites.

0:11:49 - Cyndi
I can't remember the year that you were back, when you were little. You know Barney was the right yeah. So you wanted Barney Baby Bop and I think the brothers was BJ, bj, that's the thing. So you know, of course I tracked down Barney Baby Bop and BJ and you know you were so excited they were coming to your party. You told everybody they were coming and was so excited when the van pulled up and they stepped out. It was a whole nother episode, like Harper and the Easter Bunny.

0:12:24 - Allison
You know Harper is terrified of the Easter Bunny. Like literally has said like guys like I don't want the Easter Bunny to come ever again. So that was big.

0:12:34 - Cyndi
Yeah, you know you didn't want any parts of them. All the other kids love them, but I guess you were like they are much bigger than they are on TV, so I don't want any parts of that. The second one that I think that I thought was your favorite was when you did the. I think it was Princess Jasmine and you had on and I think that was also a swim party. But even though you had like swim parties or cookouts or things that like discoveries on or whatever you know, we always, you know generally had whatever your favorite character was at the time. They always came and made an appearance at your party.

0:13:09 - Allison
So that kind of feeds into what I'm thinking for Harper's party. So Harper has an. I will say like, while I was thinking about not throwing her party, like Harper has been telling me since, about since Jackson's birthday, and from your very, harper has been telling me that she is having a party, so she was going to be very disappointed had we not done anything for her birthday. She has been telling me like, oh yeah, so I'm from a birthday party. You know we're going to do this, this and this. Take your cues from Harper now. So first she told me that she wanted a Hello Kitty birthday and now she has said that the Hello Kitty birthday is for her fifth birthday and that this year she wants to have an. Isabella birthday is a Bella mom, because you probably don't know, her name is the sister from incanto.

0:13:53 - Cyndi
No, not the strong one.

0:13:56 - Allison
Okay, one that's like that. Somebody say flowers, like the girly one with the flowers and the butterfly, Okay. So she's telling me that she's having this Isabella birthday party with flowers and she's told me who she wants to invite. Thankfully she's not. She's not looking to invite that many people. So I'm like, okay, we can keep it kind of small. But I now I'm on the fence I'm like, do we have Isabella make an appearance at the party? Yes, Okay. So you think you think an Isabella? What are you thinking? I mean, I just think that was necessary. You think it is a relative appearance is warranted.

0:14:33 - Cyndi
Yes, and I don't think it's. I think Harper is afraid of like you were a people in like full costumes but not like real people. If you can actually see their faces that just have on like dress up.

0:14:45 - Allison
Yeah and like this will be like a real person that has on like a dress and whatever. I don't think it would be someone like it's not like a mask.

Right and I don't think that she would be scared, and so. But then I'm like and this is what always happens to me with parties and this is going to lead us at the time of investment 16. This is where it comes from Me. This is my issue. I have a hard time like. I'm like, oh, we can keep it small. I have a hard time keeping things small when it comes to throwing parties, and I'm gonna throw a party, like I'm gonna throw one heck of a party, and so I'm like well, why would we just have Isabella? Why wouldn't we have all three of the sisters Isabella, louisa that's the one that's strong and Marybell, who's like the main character with Kondo? Because I mean, why would Isabella come on her own? Like she would come with her sisters, right? And so I'm like, okay, we have all three, but now am I getting out of control?

0:15:40 - Cyndi
No, there's no such thing as getting out of control, especially for little girls birthday. I mean, it's Disney World.

0:15:46 - Allison
So yeah, because guys all the way, I guess since my sweet 16. Like I said, I just don't know how to throw a small event and not that it can't be small in the number of people but I feel like if I'm gonna do it, I want things to look a certain way and I want things to be kind of different. But you get that from your daddy, you inherited that gene from your daddy Because my dad, like daddy, was 100% like that, like there was no small party ever.

0:16:16 - Cyndi
No, ever. I mean, it can be. It could have been 20 people, but there would have been, like you know candle labors and you know live entertainment and you know fire years and you know you name it. It would have been there.

0:16:30 - Allison
There's gonna be like Cirque du Soleil in our pool like the whole night, and that's honestly, guys, that's what happened with my super sweet 16. It became his party. It became his party. I was having a 16 birthday. I was excited about it, but my dad literally took that party and ran with it. Mom, when did you see, like that it was going to the other side? Like, do you remember when you knew that he was taking over and it was about to become this whole thing?

0:16:56 - Cyndi
When we were trying to do like a small little, we were planning your entrance and how you know you were gonna get there and what was gonna lead into your entrance. And I don't even know where the idea of the whole marching band came from. But you know, I look up and it's CAU marching band, complete with the you know drill team. You know and you name it?

Yeah, I don't think that was gonna happen right, took over, shut down Peachtree Street for this parade that we had no idea was actually going to be a parade. We were just trying to, you know, get driver there and that was what you knew.

0:17:30 - Allison
That's what you knew, yeah, so how did you feel about this? Like grand 16th birthday, because, like I said, like it was very much like me and dad's thing and you kind of just came along for the ride. Now you did say like that, growing up you always knew I was having a birthday party every year. So when I got to 16, I'm sure it was no different. But what was like your, you know what was your feeling about all of this?

0:17:53 - Cyndi
You know it was, it was a lot, but honestly though, you know, and to go. But even for your dad I knew that your dad had worked, you know, from he was like very young. So he would always like say things like you know, my brother, milton, got to play whatever sport but I had to work. You know Tony got to play whatever sport but I had to work. So, realistically speaking, it was almost like he didn't necessarily get a childhood sort of kind of. So I could just see the excitement in him and it was almost like it was again it became his party. So just to see how excited he was, yeah, you know that made it special. And then also it was kind of something that you and he were bonding over, because not only was he doing it, you know, kind of starting secretly for himself, but also he just wanted to. You know, whatever his princess wanted, he wanted you to just have everything. So just to see the excitement, you know, on the two on your faces, that you know that just made it all worthwhile.

0:18:56 - Allison
Was daddy always involved in my birthday parties, though? Um, not necessarily, because that's what I was going to say. Like I feel like nowadays and my husband is the same way it's very much like on the day of Harper's birthday, like DJ will wake up in the morning and be like oh, like, what time is the party? Like what do I need to do? Like let me go get some ice, like he will have no idea. And I don't remember daddy like being very involved in my party until that.

0:19:21 - Cyndi
No, he wasn't. You know he would show up again with you know whatever. You know I would go out and buy you know all your presents and whatever, but he would usually. He usually would come in with some you know diamond earrings or diamond, you know diamond pendant or you know just something very extravagant that you know kind of like became this little thing. I think so. But other than that he had no idea you know anything about any characters and who was going to be there Exactly. He had no idea. And so you know he called me by the wrong name, baby Bip, and just you know, just the most. But you know again, when 16 kicked in, that's when he kind of you know that was his element.

0:20:06 - Allison
So that kind of brings me to my next question when it comes to Harper's birthday. Obviously, for my 16th birthday I got a car. You know, everyone knows that everyone saw the Mercedes on MTV and I don't really remember a lot of birthday gifts before then, not because I didn't get them, but just because I'm old. So you know, obviously I'm not going to forget a car, but I don't really remember a lot of other ones. However, you know, as Harper's birthday approaches, along with people asking me like what we're going to do for her birthday, people ask me oh, what does she want? What does she need All that stuff?

And in the past we've been pretty adamant, like, okay, please just donate to her college fund, her educational fund, in lieu of gifts, because you know how spoiled Harper is If she literally Harper will call my mom from her iPad and say Mimi, I need a cheerleading costume so I can play in it and practice my cheerleading, literally. The next morning, amazon Prime will show up with a package that says Harper Jones on the front and I'll open it and I'm like, where did this cheerleading outfit come from? And DJ is like, let me guess, harper, did you call me yesterday? So I just have to say like she does not ever need anything when it comes to her birthday and she rarely really wants anything because she gets what she wants all the time. So when people ask them, I'm always like you know, in lieu of gifts, we would love you would just give to her education fund.

However, I just wanted to know what your stance is and opinions are in terms of, like birthdays. Do you think you know that Harper and other kids her age? Do you think it's appropriate to have a party and get all these gifts? Or do you think like kind of what we do is better, where it's like oh yeah, you have your party, but like let's kind of skip the gifts and do just the donations?

0:22:00 - Cyndi
I like the idea of doing like the donations, because even though with it you know she still has, she still gets gifts to right, everyone does it, everyone never does it, like there's always still, at least probably 10 gifts that I mean.

So she'll get, you know, the whatever the latest little Barbie doll is they have on the shelf and you know some little cute scenes, something like that. So I think that's. I think this time, because realistically, given to the educational fund, that's more so for, you know, the grandparents, the godparents, you know that kind of thing, but her little friends from school is fine for them to give her little trinkets, because I mean, that's, that's what you do, so I think it's. I think it's perfectly acceptable.

0:22:38 - Allison
And as she gets older, do you think that? Do you think that it's important to get birthday gifts?

0:22:45 - Cyndi
or, if not, necessarily like necessary, I think it's always important for her to have something that is special to her, that she really wants. I mean, for you. You know, again, you've got stuff all the time too, so it wasn't necessarily some, you know, oh, kind of what's your birthday. But I do remember, like you know, you would get like whatever the latest, like iPod and the latest cell phone, you know, clothes, I mean things like that. And a lot of times too, I would like just, you know, I had at one point I had gotten you your own credit card. So I would like just let you take your own, take your card and go on the shopping spree, right, you know, I would match whatever was on your card and you would just, you know, have a shopping spree and that would be your big birthday thing. And so, you know, I think you got to kick out of them, you know, going back to school or even going out with your friends. But oh, you know, this is what I got, this is what I did for my birthday.

0:23:43 - Allison
Another one of my birthdays that does stand out to me. I was just like thinking back on birthdays and this is funny because this was not necessarily a party. But do you remember? I think it was my 15th birthday. We went to Vegas and went to the Destiny's Child Concert. It was like their final tour, and then we went shopping, like you said, like in Vegas, like shopping spree, and like that is one of my most memorable birthdays, but it wasn't a party. So I don't know. I'm still kind of on the fence, like as the kids get older, and I guess I can let them dictate this on, like what's better, a party or an experience?

0:24:18 - Cyndi
I think you can give them the choice, and I think for Harper, like you said, once she gets to that, you know, seven, eight, mark, especially between 10 and 13, she'll probably want to be like oh you know, can I just go, you know, for pizza and maybe to a movie with my friends, or something like that. And of course, you'll do something kind of bigger for her 13th and the 16th. And the same thing with Jackson. You know he'll probably enjoy more things like going to, you know like Grand Prix place when he's old enough, riding the go-karts and things like that, and even just doing something like him and his dad with another friend, another couple of friends, doing like guy, things like that. So I think you can basically take your cue from your kids, though, and let them kind of tell you what it is they want to do, Okay that makes sense.

0:25:04 - Allison
So, as Coco and I were trying to get the plans together for this birthday party, that was kind of, you know, thrown onto me last I say last minute but, like I said, harper had been telling me she was having this party. Of course we were like, okay, you know, we can make like an incanto door out of like cardboard or cardboard or plywood, we can do like hanging flowers because you know, isabella is all about flowers, all this stuff and, of course, being me and like, well, this will be kind of fun to like share about on social media, you know like share the process of making this party come to life. But it did make me realize that there is something about birthday parties that we kind of have to address that was me, that you guys didn't have to deal with and that is social media. And I do feel like social media has kind of made made it impossible to have like small parties and it puts pressure on parents and on families to have these grand parties for their children that you know look a certain way.

However, even though I said you can't relate to it, I'm like I can't help but to think that all of that kind of originated with my super-success 16. That was the first time that you know birthday parties were kind of on display like that. Did you ever feel any kind of pressure when I was little or when I was a teenager for my party to like look a certain way? And I mean like pressure from like the outside? What people would think all that stuff?

0:26:37 - Cyndi
No, not necessarily. Because again, your, you know, friend pool was so tiny, yeah, and again you have to remember, you know, especially until we moved to Atlanta, millsville and Macon, that was no big deal at all Coming to Atlanta, even though we were new to the city and you know, you made your friends here and we started doing stuff on that scale, even for some reason, I guess because of your dad and the way that he just we entertained a lot and did stuff. Anyway, everything we did, even though it was small, somehow or another, it turned into a big occasion, right. So it wasn't necessarily us doing it, it was other people, more so, talking about it and for us it was just run of the me old thing. Okay, allison had a pool party and she had these, you know, disney princesses showed up, but to everybody else is, you know, oh my god, the Disney princess is like okay, it wasn't like this huge thing for us.

0:27:39 - Allison
Yeah, because you know, nowadays there can be so much pressure to you know, I guess, kind of match what other people are doing and everything is so public and we see, you know all of these like influencers. We see their kids parties and what they look like and what they serve to eat, and photography and the clothes and the decor and all the things. And I feel like for a lot of parents, myself included, you know you want your kids party to look that way as well, and that's something that I've honestly found myself dealing with as well over the years and what I've had to realize is that at the end of the day, these kids really don't care.

0:28:18 - Cyndi
You know, what's important to Harper is, yes, she's going to want the characters there for them to look like you know who they are. But give Harper some pizza or some chicken tenders, and she is just as happy as she would be if she had sushi and whatever else. Right, it's not that important. I think the parents make it a bigger deal than it really has to be again trying to keep up with appearances. But, you know, I really do wish and I'm glad I didn't have to do with all of that. I really wish, though, that you, as the mom, could separate yourself from that need to worry about what social media and what other people are going to say and just concentrate more on what's going to make your baby happy, right?

0:29:04 - Allison
And I feel like you know it's a balance, and there's times when I recognize that I'm like, okay, am I really doing this for the right reason? Does Harper really care about this? And now I'm able to like kind of separate from it and be like okay, time to like take a step back and like really dial into what's important. But I do feel like it's something that you know my generation deals with that. The generation prior you guys didn't. You guys didn't deal with that, you guys didn't have. You know social media and everything that comes with it. And, gosh, like I'm not saying I wish I could trade places with you guys, because there are a lot of things, great things that we have that you guys didn't have.

You know, what I'm saying. However, it does put a lot of pressure on parents?

0:29:45 - Cyndi
It does, but again, this is just the social media generation, so everything that you guys do is always documented. The only thing I can come close to you know in my head having to deal with was I remember having to go to a lot of you know functions with your dad, whether we were doing the entertaining or whether we had to show up at other places. And I can remember, though distinctly, like months prior to having to go to these things, albeit these events, you know women would start calling me who are going to be there. Generally I was pretty much the only woman of color there, but they would start calling me what are you wearing? What are you wearing? What are you wearing? How are you going to top what you wore?

Last year and for me it was never an idea of necessarily topping what I wore and what I would say to them I have no idea what I'm wearing. I figured out like the week before. You know they would just make this huge deal about it, thinking that I had gone into like this whole elaborate you know for from a year to year planning, you know what I'm going to wear to these events, and it wasn't like that at all. So they were making a much bigger deal out of it than I was. But but, that being said, then it made me cognizant that, oh, I definitely can't show up in the same thing I wore, you know, one or two years ago, because you know everybody, they remember that right, because they pointed out to me oh, the dress you wore, such as that's something that I can't.

You know, a lot of times when you go to things, especially if it's not like the exact same event. But oh, I'll wear what I wore, you know, last year to this thing, because those people, no, it's not like that. So I can imagine that's the same kind of pressure that you're under for these parties that, knowing they're going to be on social media, people are going to critique. You know what you do, what you don't do, but you know again, as her mom, I hope that there comes a point where you can like, just, you know, not read any of the comments and all this stuff and just concentrate on what's going to make your baby happy and giving her the best time for her.

0:31:49 - Allison
That makes sense. That makes sense. So, in conclusion, I feel like Harper is having a birthday party.

0:31:57 - Cyndi
You need to get on the phone like tomorrow and start tracking down these three princesses.

0:32:00 - Allison
I know I do. I need to track down the incontos sisters and see if we can bring them out. I'm not really sure on the other details, but I do know we're going to try to create, you know, Isabella's room, I guess in our house. So yeah, it should be interesting. I'm sure I'll be calling on you for your two cents to, you know, make this come to life, and I know that Harper will be excited and will love it. So that's really all that matters at the end of the day Exactly.

0:32:28 - Cyndi
Well, of course, you know whatever Mimi can do to put a smile on her face. You know this would be as. And a side note, guys, harper has now learned how to get my phone and go on to Amazon and order things for herself, which she found I noticed the other day when I was at her house.

0:32:46 - Allison
Sure, no story. So all this is honestly Mimi's fault. You created a monster. Well, I've created a monster. So maybe episode coming soon on how these grandparents spoiled these babies, right, yeah, well you guys are spoiled, so she deserves it too. That's right. Thank you, guys, so much for tuning in and stay tuned for the birthday shenanigans that are to come. Thanks for listening guys.

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